Welcome to My Blog!

Welcome to this site, and thank you for visiting. I am very blessed to serve as the Place 2 Councilman on the College Station City Council. On this site, I will update our citizens on what I am doing as a councilman, as well as provide thoughts on important issues relating to the city.

The reason I am going to be posting on this blog as opposed to the city council blog is that the city council blog is not the proper forum for my thoughts on some of these issues. There are certain things that could be better expressed here and besides that, I can more quickly post things related to my job as a councilman on this blog.

On the about page you will find a little bit about me and my philosophy of governance, as well as the tests that I apply to each vote I take. I believe strongly in a limited government that adheres to its proper role, and I have tried to give a bit of insight there about that.

If you ever have any questions or feedback for me, you are welcome at any time to call me on my cell phone, which is 979.571.6724, or contact me via my city e-mail address, jfields AT cstx.gov.

Thank you again for visiting. I look forward to hearing your thoughts.


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