Incredible Response To ICLEI Withdrawal

The response to College Station’s withdrawal from ICLEI has been incredible. I haven’t written a single post on this blog in nearly two months, and yet the Bryan/College Station Tea Party’s posting on this issue has given tremendous attention to both the article I wrote (below post) as well as to the issue itself.

I truly appreciate the great response, and the large number of hits this has garnered. Thank you for being interested, and thank you for caring.

There are many other issues that I deal with on a regular basis as a member of the city council. While some of these are strictly local, it is clear to me that there is a greater interest in some of these issues than merely in the realm of College Station, TX. I look forward to taking advantage of this blog as a resource for some honest discussion of these issues more regularly from now on.

If there are any issues in particular that you would like to hear about, please comment or contact me, and I would be more than happy to respond in kind.


One response to “Incredible Response To ICLEI Withdrawal

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